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When you want the best handling for your GMC pickup truck or SUV, you need to get the right GMC tires to fit your vehicle. The proper tires are essential to stable handling in any weather conditions. They also help your vehicle get the best gas mileage to keep your overall fuel costs lower (and gas prices aren’t going down any time soon).



Find out more details about GMC tires to keep your SUV or truck moving forward safely and effectively with our guide from Sangster Motors in Wenatchee.

GMC Acadia Tire Size

The GMC Acadia comes in six configurations. Most of them need the same GMC tires, but the AT4 has a different tire size because it’s built more for off-roading, perfect for your adventures along the Cascade Range. This SUV seats six passengers comfortably with an option for seven.

See the GMC Acadia tire size by trim level:

  • SLT Elevation Edition: 235/55R20
  • SLT: 235/55R20 or 235/65R18
  • SLE Elevation Edition: 235/55R20
  • SLE: 235/55R20 or 235/65R18
  • Denali: 235/55R20
  • AT4: 255/65R17

GMC Terrain Tire Size

The GMC Terrain is GMC’s smallest SUV, and it seats five people. With four trims, this family-friendly SUV also comes through when you want good gas mileage along Levanworth roads and highways. With the right all-weather tires, you can handle slick WA roads easily.

See the GMC Terrain tire size by trim:

  • SLT: 225/60R18 or 235/50R19
  • SLE: 225/65R17 or 235/50R19
  • Denali: 235/50R19
  • AT4: 225/65R17

GMC Sierra 1500 Tire Size

The GMC Sierra 1500 is a workhorse of a pickup truck when you want to haul your camper to your favorite camping destination. See the GMC Sierra 1500 tire sizes with this handy chart, listed by its eight trims:

  • SLT: 265/65R18, 275/50R22, or 275/60R20
  • SLE: 255/70R17, 265/65R18, 265/70R17, 275/60R20, or LT265/70R17
  • Denali: 275/50R22 or 275/60R20
  • Denali Ultimate: 275/50R22
  • AT4: 275/60R20, LT265/60R20, or LT275/65R18
  • Elevation: 275/60R20
  • Pro: 255/70R17, 265/70R17, or LT265/70R17
  • Pro with X-31 off-road package: LT275/65R18

GMC Envoy Tire Size

Although GMC stopped producing the Envoy in 2009, there are still many on Wenatchee, WA roads. The GMC Envoy tire sizes are:

  • Base: 235/75R16
  • Denali 4×2: 245/60R18 or 255/50R20
  • Denali 4×4: 245/60R18
  • SLE: 245/60R17
  • SLT: 245/60R18

Selecting the Best GMC Tires in Wenatchee 

You have several considerations that go into choosing the best GMC tires for your vehicle. What conditions do you plan on driving in? An all-weather tire works great for every season and during wet and rainy conditions, which happens in WA more often than not. Are you going to haul stuff in the cargo area or with a trailer? If you’re hauling heavy loads or pulling a trailer, you’ll want tires with a better weight rating.

Budget is another concern. How long do you want GMC tires to last? Much like purchasing a reliable vehicle that gives you plenty of driving for over a decade, you get what you pay for when it comes to GMC tires. If you’re okay with tires wearing out sooner, then buy cheaper tires. If you value longevity, invest in more expensive tires to get the most out of your purchase while keeping your family safe. 

Talk to Sangster Motors for the Best GMC Tires 

Check out the tire selection we have on hand for the best GMC tires for your vehicle near East Wenatchee. Our experienced service technicians can install and balance new tires in very little time to put you back on the road again. When you’re ready for a tire rotation, stop by and we’ll take care of you! Contact us or call (509) 662-6134 for more information.


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