AWD vs. 4WD

2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X Rear View

What should you check out, the all-wheel drive vs. 4-wheel drive? The forecast in East Wenatchee or Levanworth can be unpredictable, so it is important to stay prepared with a vehicle that can handle any obstacle thrown at it. But what is the AWD vs. 4WD difference? Is an AWD option better for driving in the snow? We are here to help you understand all-wheel drive vs. 4-wheel drive, and see which can handle the snow or ice of Wenatchee, WA the best. 



AWD vs. 4WD Differences

While there are similarities between AWD vs. 4WD, there are are key differences. Both systems send power to all four wheels, but the way the power is distributed is not the same. Let us compare all-wheel drive vs. 4-wheel drive below: 

  • Full-time AWD – Power is sent to all four wheels all the time. Check out vehicles such as the GMC Acadia and the GMC Terrain.
  • Part-time AWD – Power is always sent to the front axle, but it can be sent to the rear axle if needed.
  • 4WD – Power is sent to either the front or rear axle, but it can also be sent to the driver or passenger side. Check out vehicles such as the GMC Sierra 1500 or the GMC Yukon.

Is AWD Better than 4WD Off-roading and Driving In Snow? 

One drivetrain system isn’t necessarily better than the other, but one may suit your needs better on East Wenatchee roads or off-roading somewhere else. Think about what you would need, and then look at the answers below: 

  • Which is Better for Driving in the Snow: AWD or 4WD? When dealing with ice and snow, it is important to have balance and power at your disposal. AWD can balance the front and rear axles, which is necessary for stabilization. 
  • Which is Better for Off-Roading: AWD or 4WD? Either vehicle can handle the toughest elements, but 4WD can divert power to one side of the vehicle, which is powerful when it comes to being stuck in a rut. 

Compare AWD vs. 4WD at Sangster Motors

So, is AWD better than 4WD for driving in the Wenatchee, WA area? Only you can decide based on your needs. Contact us to learn more about AWD vs. 4WD, and stop by to explore our new vehicle inventory today.


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